I am currently a graduate student in international relations and comparative politics at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where I study ways that domestic politics are influenced (or not) by international politics.

I decided to start this blog because occasionally I have ideas that don’t really fit in with my current research agenda, but that I nevertheless want to express.  In other words, this is place where I want to try out some new ideas.  That means of course that what you see are ideas that are unfinished, and consequently I urge you to comment on what I have written to point out where these arguments can be improved.

On one final note, I will occasionally write here about legal issues.  Anything I say about the law should not be construed as legal advice and I strongly urge you to avoid relying on anything I say here for the state of the law as it pertains to your life (see the bit about unfinished ideas above).  I have not practiced law in more than five years and I am not licensed in your jurisdiction.  If you have a legal problem of any kind, I strongly encourage you to contact a licensed attorney in the jurisdiction within which you live.

My other website with CV and research materials is here.